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Big Shot: The Prequel, Episode 2

Big Shot: The Prequel, Episode 2
Ben decides to stick with practicing basketball in the off-season. During his shootarounds with William, he discovers a new kid at the park who might have a surprising impact on their upcoming season.

Big Shot: The Prequel, Episode 1

Big Shot: The Prequel, Episode 1. The first in a four-part interactive series leading up to the publication of Big Shot, by M. L. Shochet. Meet Ben Taylor, and vote on what he should do next! Ben will follow the winning choice in the poll in the next episode.

The 30 Million and 1 Million Word Gaps, and What They Mean for Us

The 30 Million and 1 Million Word Gap, and What They Mean for Us: A brief analysis of the studies which led to the finding of a 30 million and 1 million word gap between different groups, how much we should be concerned about this, and what we can do about it.


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