Big Shot: Available Now on Kindle and Paperback!

The newest youth sports novel from M. L. Shochet is out now on on Kindle and Paperback!

Please enjoy a free sample of the book:

Chapter 1

I couldn’t believe it.         

I just couldn’t believe it!

From the time I was six years-old, I, Ben Taylor, was the best basketball player in my class. In fact, I was the only one who was able to shoot the ball into a ten-foot basket. And as I got older, I was always the one picked first for recess games, and I was always one of the best players of my recreation league basketball team. The starting point guard, of course.

I’m not necessarily the fastest guy around, but I work on my fundamentals. Every day after school, I shoot and dribble outside for at least an hour. I work on set shots, jump shots, free throws, you name it.

I’m a good defender, too. I pride myself on keeping my opponent to a minimum of points.

And now?

Now I’m in seventh grade, and it’s our school team’s first basketball game of the season. And for the first time in my life, I’m a backup.

This year, there is a new point guard on our team, the Ridgeview Eagles. His name is Gerald, and he moved in this past summer from out of town. I have to admit, he’s good. We had been competing for the starting point guard spot since team practices had started in late fall.

Whenever we asked, Coach Jones told us that he hadn’t yet made his decision on who would be the starter. Just last week, Coach Jones had told us the rest of the starting lineup, but said that he would have to let us know on game day who would be the starting point guard. Gerald is good, sure, but I never believed that he would actually get the starting spot.

And now? Now? Now I’m sitting on the bench, watching the team play the first quarter of our first game without me.

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Author, Teacher and Devoted Father

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