Beginning Readers: AD and AP Words

Reminder: The short “a” sound is in the beginning of the word “apple”.

Recommendation: An adult or older sibling should read the main parts of the story, pausing to allow the early reader to read the bold words.

Brad and His Dad: AD words

Brad was feeling sad.

Brad was feeling sad because his dad was mad.

Brad’s dad was mad because Brad had done something bad.

Brad had drawn a picture of his dad with a crayon

on their house’s newly-painted walls.

The Trip: AP words

Steven put on his cap.

Steven took out his map.

“Let’s go!” Steven said to his dad.

“Go where?” his dad asked.

Steven said, “Over there is a gap.”

His dad asked, “Why do you have your cap and your map for a walk to a gap

between our neighbor’s houses?”

“Because it’s fun!” Steven said, and gave a clap.

“After this, I’m going to need a nap,” Dad said.

Published by M. L. Shochet

Author, Teacher and Devoted Father

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