Beginning Readers: AT Words

Reminder: The short “a” sound is in the beginning of the word apple. A is for apple.

Recommendation: An adult or older sibling should read the main parts of the story, pausing to allow the early reader to read the bold words.

The Cat and the Rat

Cat, AT word

One day, a cat spoke to a rat.

“Hi,” said the cat.

“Hi,” said the rat.

Rat?” said the cat.

“Yes, cat?” said the rat.

“You are my lunch,” said the cat.

And with that, the rat ran away from the cat.

The Baseball Player

The baseball player put on his hat, and got up to bat.

He carried his big, fat bat

He got ready.

The pitcher threw the ball.

He swung his big, fat bat!

Off flew his hat!

The big, fat bat hit that ball!

The bat hit the ball high in the air.

The other team caught the ball.

The batter was out.

His coach gave him a pat on the hat, and down he sat.

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Author, Teacher and Devoted Father

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